Studio living @ Haarlem
interior project 
2022 — 2023

Designed to be an inviting space to invite clients, and a work space away from the home office. By adding a focussed and flexible work space in the second area, separated by large atelier windows with a connection desk, both spaces have their own functions. 
The historical large windows bring in more light from sun faced part of the facade.  

With a large wall kitchen and a custom designed working bar they can enjoy lunch, and have quick meetings.

The oak custom designed bench seating works as resting place, also to grab a coffee and chat.
Warm and clean materials brightens up the space with a new lowered ceiling and light scheme. Some of the walls are left original brick to catch the character and monumental identity of the building.

Interior design by: Studio Roxan
Furniture build by: Beschaafd interieur Kitchen from: Kvik
Glass partition: Aluwdoors 
Contractor: De Dyk

Arnhem, East of Holland
interior project 
2022 — 2023

New build villa residence in the suburbs of Arnhem. 

Worked with architect layout and made the interior design co-relate with the exterior of the house. creating cozy seating living and spacious kitchen layout with a large dining table. Sliding doors connecting the kids play area with the kitchen. 

Work in process:

2023-2024 private residence renovation Haarlem
2023 - 2024 head of design new resort Bali, Indonesia
2023-2024 office design Hoofddorp 
2024 office design Alphen a.d. Rijn