how we work

The building process

When everything is drawn on paper, all elecricity and lights are on the right position and detailed information is transferred to the contractor, the project is starting.

The building process is important for the end result, and we
like to keep good track of our work. We visit the site, talk to the
contractor and think along with solutions, which can occur unforeseen.
Studio Roxan works with contractors, painters, furniture builders
and guards the interior design. We find it important to keep the
aesthetics on a high level.

The design process

Depending on the scale of the project,
we catagorize projects in different design phases:

1.     Sketch & concept design
2.     Primarily design
3.     Final design  
4.     Execution (third party) & aesthetic building guidance
5.     Furniture & styling plan

Every design by Studio Roxan is custommade accordinging to the
assignment and client wishes.  Sent a message to connect.